JMS is a leader in electronic performance devices. Our electronic products are designed to improve the performance of most popular makes and models of: car, truck and UTV.

We design and manufacture a wide range of emissions legal, electronics products. Each of our products have been specifically designed to improve performance. Our products vary from external control system modifications to fuel system enhancements.

Many of our designs have been developed while working directly with OE and Tier 1 Manufactures. We strive to give our customers robust and durable products. Each product that we manufacture has a lifetime warranty.

Daytona Twin Tec specializes in emissions legal, electronic performance devices for the Harley Davidson V-Twin.

Our products range from ignition systems and coils to stand alone replacement ECU's. All of our electronic products are designed and produced in the USA.

Daytona Sensors specializes in sensor and ignition systems for the racing aftermarket.

Our wide-band O2 sensor systems have been designed to work in extreme environments. Many of our sensor and ignition products are utilized by NHRA record holders and the top names in Drag Racing (Matt Smith, Warren Johnson and many more).