Fleet Speed Limiting and Safety

Speed Limiting - Increase safety, plus reduce insurance and fuel costs.

Torque and Power Reduction - Reduce driveline shock and increase fuel economy.

How FleetMAX Works - Plugs directly into the pedal and abs sensor. FleetMAX does NOT modify your vehicles emissions, ECU calibration or void your OE Vehicle Powertrain Warranty. Each unit is specifically configured to match your exact requirements.

Your fleet manager determines the options for FleetMAX. Options can be adjusted "on the fly" and programmed via a remote handheld or by the factory.

  • Top Speed Limit – set and adjust the vehicles top speed “on-the-fly”
  • Torque Reduction Percentage – reduce the amount of torque available to the driver, increase fuel economy
  • Emergency LEO Top Speed Bypass – when the emergency lights are on, the FleetMAX speed limiter is bypassed
  • Stomp Percentage – reduce the amount of shock to the drivetrain
  • Overspeed Passing Timer – safe driving, earns passing time above the pre-set speed limiter